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School of Automotive Engineering , DUT

The School of Automotive Engineering (SAE) was founded in 1995 as the "Department of Power and Automotive Engineering". In 2007, DUT integrated superior disciplines with scientific research resources to establish the School of Automotive Engineering (the first automotive engineering school in Liaoning Province), which is affiliated to the Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics (FVEM).

SAE has a high-level teaching and research team led by academicians, double-appointed academicians, distinguished young scholars, and national specially-appointed professors. It has built a vehicle innovation platform for the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Equipment Analysis and Optimization and CAE Software Engineering, the National Virtual Simulation Center for Experimental Teaching of Automotive Engineering, the Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Dynamics Control, and the Advanced Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Engineering Research Center of Liaoning Province...

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